I feel so blessed to have found Dr. DeStefano and his practice!

I suffer from headaches, migraines and TMJ issues. Over the years, my pain was often consistent and relief was with short term. I exhausted many options with neuro, ENT, dentist, headache centers, massage therapy, chiropractic care and PT. I was in pain constantly. I had a night guard, which helped temporarily but found it was not a permanent solution and I was now worse than before because my teeth shifted. I looked into orthodontists, oral surgeons and found that even though on their websites, they advertise help for TMJ and related pain; once I contacted them, they told me it is not a thoroughly explored area and their expertise is limited. I decided to do some research and find someone who has taken the time to study headaches and TMJ issues and wanted to see their efficacy. I found the LVI physiological based neuromuscular dentistry; they are Patient Centered Practice and have long term proven success (20+ years!). I contacted Dr. Dickerson who created this program, and he put me in touch with Dr. DeStefano here in Rochester. Dr. Dickerson highly recommended Dr. DeStefano and assured me I would be in great hands under his care! Dr. DeStefano and his assistant Emily have been wonderful! They have taken the time to explain everything to me; they have undergone extensive LVI training and consult with Dr. Dickerson to ensure we are on the best path for me! I feel so blessed to have found Dr. DeStefano and his practice! They are extremely kind and patient care oriented and you know what? I have had a huge reduction in my symptoms! My husband is amazed at the results! We have told everyone we know we suffers with similar issues.

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