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Pediatric Dentist Pittsford NY | Pediatric Dentistry BrightonFrom the growth of your baby’s first tooth, to your teen’s need for invisible braces, the team at DeStefano Dentistry provides the absolute best in pediatric dental care. Because Dr. DeStefano is trained in all facets of family dentistry, our dental clinic is the perfect choice as your pediatric dentist. Serving Pittsford, Rochester and Brighton, our staff promises the very best patient and compassionate care for your child.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is an area of dentistry that specializes in treating children’s oral health. Pediatric dentistry presents its own set of challenges and nuances. Knowing how to calm a frighten child and understanding the dental issues that are unique to children takes special care and dedicated patience. Our entire team constantly strives to provide the utmost in compassionate care in order to make your little one feel completely at ease. And hopefully, even enjoy going to their dentist.

Pediatric Dental Treatments

Pediatric dentists provide regular checkups, teeth cleanings and overall oral treatment and care for children’s teeth. They also commonly apply sealants to children’s teeth to prevent cavities. Overall, pediatric dental treatments may include:

  • Cavities
  • Teeth defects
  • Dental injuries
  • Malocclusion
  • Gum disease
  • Speech-related disorders
  • Tongue tie (restricted frenulum)
  • Oral conditions related to other diseases or underlying conditions
  • Mouth guards for sports

Why is Pediatric Dentistry Important?

Dental appointments for children are very important so that a dentist can evaluate the child’s tooth and gum health. We can also educate them on preventing dental problems throughout their lives. A child should have his/her first dental exam about six months after the first tooth erupts from the gums, and should visit every six month thereafter.

A pediatric dentist can offer specialized oral care that a general dentist may not be able to. Dr. DeStefano is trained in examining and treating children in an environment that makes them feel comfortable.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

During your child’s first dental visit, Dr. DeStefano will examine the child’s teeth for decay and other dental problems. He may ask the caregiver questions about thumb-sucking or pacifier habits, and overall dental health. Dr. DeStefano will advise the caregiver and child about proper oral care. This includes proper brushing, flossing and fluoride treatments. A follow-up visit is usually scheduled for six months later. The next visit begins the dental-maintenance process that will help ensure good oral health throughout the child’s life.

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With continued education, state-of-the-art equipment and modern innovations in dental techniques, the DeStefano team ensures that your entire family is well taken care of at each and every appointment. With a centrally-convenient location, the DeStefano Dentistry clinic is currently taking new clients. Schedule your child’s appointment with us by calling 585.248.2383.

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