Questions about wisdom teeth

The third set of molars that develop in the human mouth, known as the “wisdom teeth,” can become some of the most problematic teeth in the smile. While they used to play a role in a fully functioning smile, they are no longer necessary for proper chewing and digestion as they once were. In addition, they tend to become impacted below the gum line, which requires a dentist to remove them surgically to address pain and reduce the risk of infections.

Many Pittsford, NY area patients have questions about wisdom teeth, which we can answer! Below are some of the more common questions we see from our current and new patients regarding the third molars:

What can I expect from wisdom tooth removal?

There are two types of removal which can impact the experience. Surgical removal requires the dentist to cut into the gums and remove the tooth from the jawbone, while simple removal is done for erupted wisdom teeth and can take just a few minutes to perform in the dental office. Surgical extractions are more invasive than non-surgical.

Who needs their wisdom teeth removed?

Patients may choose to have their wisdom teeth removed for many reasons. They may be painful due to impaction, or they may be putting the smile at risk for decay and disease because of how far back in the mouth they sit. This makes them difficult to properly clean and a factor towards other dental problems. Patients who have had orthodontic work may also want their wisdom teeth removed to ensure they do not overcrowd the mouth and push teeth out of their new positions.

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

Absolutely not! At DeStefano Dentistry, we utilize local anesthetics and sedation to give patients a positive, pain-free experience in the dental chair!

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At DeStefano Dentistry, we allow Pittsford, NY area patients solutions for their smiles. This may include the removal of wisdom teeth. If you believe wisdom tooth removal is critical to ensuring your oral health and wellness, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our providers by calling (585) 248-2383. We are happy to assist patients and families with their dental care needs, including simple and surgical extractions.

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