Bleeding Gums May Not Be What You Think

Family Dentist | DeStefano Dentistry | Brighton NYWhen you’re brushing and flossing your teeth, and you notice blood, there may be one thing on your mind. We have heard over and over again that bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease. You would think, then, the frequent sightings of blood in the sink would make us want to call the dentist. This isn’t usually how it goes. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you’ve experienced a little gum-bleeding here and there lately, and you’re in that stage of denial that says you don’t need dental care. The truth is, maybe you don’t!

Reasons for Bleeding Gums

There is no denying that the gums will bleed when they are inflamed for any reason. There is also no question that plaque buildup is one of the primary reasons that inflammation occurs in the mouth. Therefore, you should carefully monitor bleeding gums for additional signs of gingivitis. If you notice bleeding that coincides with chronic bad breath, visible redness, or puffiness around teeth, please see your dentist. The earlier that inflammation receives treatment in the dental office, the lower the risk of full-blown infection that threatens the health of the mouth and body.

What if you brush and floss every day, routinely see your dentist, and your gums still seem to bleed easily? There are two common reasons that this may occur.

One reason for unexpected gum-bleeding is hormone changes. In particular, women who are pregnant have a greater risk for bleeding gums. This doesn’t mean their gums are infected, but that they may be a little more sensitive due to the rise of certain hormones during pregnancy. Bleeding gums may not be overly-concerning at this time, but professional dental care should also be a priority.

Another reason that gums may bleed easily is that the body is lacking in certain nutrients. Sure, you could have bloodwork done to check your nutrient levels. However, research has suggested that there are two vitamins that, if deficient, could lead to frequent gum-bleeding: vitamin C and vitamin K. If you’re seeing your dentist twice a year and you’re brushing and flossing every day, and there are no other indications of gum disease, you may increase your intake of leafy greens and fresh citrus fruits to give your C and K levels a boost.

Don’t wait to find out why your gums may be bleeding. Call our Pittsford office at 585-248-2383 for a routine checkup.

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