When Tooth Extraction May Be Required for a Healthier Smile

Extracting a natural tooth can be a scary idea for many of our patients. Men and women are often uneasy at the idea of removing an adult tooth from their smile. The result is permanent, so choices should be made with great care. At DeStefano Dentistry, there are many reasons why a patient may need a natural tooth removed.

Reasons for removal

Below are just a few situations in which a natural tooth removal may be necessary:


  • Failed root canal. There are times when patients may have root canal therapy performed to save a natural tooth, only to have it fail. Situations such as this may require that the dentist permanently remove the tooth from the smile.
  • Trauma. There are times when trauma and damage to a natural tooth is beyond the point of repair, and our dental team will provide an extraction if it is required to move forward with restoring the smile.
  • Preparation for orthodontics. When patients are dealing with conditions such as overcrowding within their smile, they may need to have one or more teeth removed from the smile to move forward with services such as orthodontia to straighten the dental arch.
  • Wisdom teeth. The last teeth to erupt in the mouth, called the third molars or “wisdom teeth,” can be problematic for some patients. They may be so far back in the mouth that they are difficult to keep clean, resulting in the development of periodontal disease. Others may experience impaction where there is no room for the teeth to erupt. Both of these situations may require the surgical or simple extraction of one or more wisdom teeth to bring the smile back to health.
  • Preparation for dentures. Patients who are going to have full dentures may need several extractions performed to prepare for these restorations.


Request an appointment with our team to learn about extractions


Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano of Pittsford, NY is pleased to offer dental extractions for patients in the community at his practice, DeStefano Dentistry. Call (585) 248-2383 to schedule a visit and find out how our facility can help with extractions of natural teeth as needed.

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