Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea with a Pittsford, NY Area Dentist

When Pittsford, NY area patients think of sleeping disorders, they often envision themselves working with their primary care physician or a sleep specialist. This is especially true of conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea. However, patients with OSA can now work with their dentist to seek out alternative treatment to traditional CPAP machines.

Understanding obstructive sleep apnea

Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano describes obstructive sleep apnea as a sleeping disorder that results in a blockage of the airways many times in one night. This can sometimes occur hundreds of times in an eight-hour period. This blockage can keep patients from being able to reach the deep levels of sleep needed to feel their best each day and can impact their day-to-day lives.

Instead, patients with obstructive sleep apnea are often referred for CPAP treatment. A CPAP machine is a device used in keeping the airways open. Unfortunately, this device is noisy, uncomfortable, and difficult to travel with. Instead, patients can ask their dentist for an alternative known as oral appliance therapy.

What is oral appliance therapy?

Instead of wearing a CPAP machine each night while sleeping, many patients would prefer to use a less invasive solution such as an oral appliance. This is a specially designed mouth guard that is worn by a patient at night to keep the airways open. This is done by holding down the tongue and ensuring alignment of the jaw. The oral appliance is often very well-received, especially from patients who have been unhappy and uncomfortable with the use of their CPAP device. Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano encourages patients who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea to consider the advantages of oral appliance therapy.

Is oral appliance therapy right for me?

Patients who are not complying with their CPAP treatment are urged to speak to a dental professional regarding the use of an oral appliance instead. Oral appliance therapy ensures better compliance across the board with patients who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.

Are you ready to target the problems associated with obstructive sleep apnea?

Connect with the team at DeStefano Dentistry to ditch the CPAP machine and utilize a comfortable and effective oral appliance instead! Call (585) 248-2383 to learn more.

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