Use Six Month Smiles to Quickly and Easily Realign your Smile!

Six Month Smiles Pittsford NYAt DeStefano Dentistry, patients in the area of Pittsford, NY have access to a wide selection of services to improve dental health and the appearance of the smile. When misalignment affects the appearance of the smile, it can be difficult to get patients to seek solutions. Many avoid mentioning their disappointment with their smile for fear of hearing about orthodontic treatments. Metal brackets and wires are effective in restoring the alignment of the smile, but many patients do not want to have a “metal mouth” or “brace face.” Because of this, many just live with their smile. Fortunately, Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano is a dentist who has an alternative solution for patients to consider called Six Month Smiles.

Understanding Six Month Smiles

Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano uses Six Month Smiles to quickly and easily address imperfections of the anterior (front) teeth in the smile. These teeth, sometimes referred to as the “social six,” are teeth that are noticeable when patients smile, laugh, and talk with others. When misalignment or gaps are created with these specific teeth, then Six Month Smiles can quickly realign them. This method of alignment still uses brackets and wires, but these appliances are tooth-colored for a less noticeable appearance. Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano and his professionals find that many patients not only like the discreet look of Six Month Smiles, but the chance to realign their teeth in a shorter period of time than with more traditional braces.

Who is a candidate for Six Month Smiles?

This method of realignment is perfect for patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the front teeth. This is not a desirable option for realigning the jaw or the bite, as traditional braces are commonly better suited for this level of malocclusion. A consultation visit and initial evaluation is the best way of determining if someone is a candidate for this method of treatment.

Ready to discuss the possibility of using Six Month Smiles to enhance your appearance?

Contact Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano of DeStefano Dentistry in Pittsford, NY for more information. His practice is conveniently located at 600 Kreag Road and can be reached by phone to book an appointment at (585) 248-2383.

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