Strokes and your oral health: is there a connection?

In the United States alone, a person dies from a stroke every 40 seconds. The statistics surrounding strokes are staggering, and many patients who are at risk of experiencing a stroke may want to work with their doctor to reduce their chances. In addition to eating right and staying active, did you know that your dentist can also help protect your overall health with proper oral hygiene suggestions?

At DeStefano Dentistry, we fully understand the link between one’s oral health and their risk for strokes. It has been found that patients who suffer from strokes often have poor oral health and hygiene practices. With further research, professionals have found out how a patient’s risk of strokes is connected to the health of their mouth. Conditions such as gum disease can impact one’s health and put them in harm’s way for a variety of medical problems.

How does gum disease impact stroke risk?

Gum disease is an infection of the mouth. It starts in the soft tissues, causing red, swollen, and bleeding gum tissues. Without proper diagnosis and immediate treatment, this condition can progress into the later stages of periodontitis. This can result in soft tissue, bone, and tooth loss. This infection can spread to other areas of the body, resulting in inflammation in different organs of the mouth. In addition, the bacteria resulting from periodontitis can increase the risk of blood clots, which in turn causes a stroke. By maintaining a smile free from gum disease, patients can dramatically reduce their stroke risks.

Work with a professional today to improve your oral hygiene and overall health

If you are concerned about how your hygiene impacts your risk for stroke and want to start taking charge of your oral health today, consult with the team at DeStefano Dentistry in Pittsford, NY to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano is available to educate patients on how to care for their smile, and learn about the impact of good oral health. The practice can be reached by calling (585) 248-2383 and is located at 600 Kreag Road. Our team is always accepting new patients ready to start their journey to better oral health!

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