Keep your Student’s Teeth Healthy and Happy This School Year

Pediatric Dentistry Pittsford NY | Dental TreatmentsAh! Back-to-school time is here again. This has many families shuffling from one store to another, from one try-out or sports practice to another. Each year, it may take several weeks to get into the groove of new classrooms, friends, and subjects. Throughout it all, parents have to see the Big Picture.

Hopefully, your family was able to complete their necessary dental exams and cleanings during the summer months. In addition to those pre-schoolyear visits, we support families in their efforts to maintain healthy teeth with tips specifically for students.

Maintain Healthy Teeth

  • Schedule your next exam and cleaning now. Scheduling recall visits ahead of time is the best way to avoid missing out on the dental care that can prevent uncomfortable dental problems. If summertime cleanings and exams were performed, the holiday break from school is an ideal time for mid-year visits.
  • Check in with students’ brushing habits. Kids of all ages may forget to brush in the morning as they feel rushed to get lunches made and breakfast is eaten before heading to school. Parents need to check in routinely to make sure children are staying current with twice-a-day brushing – and flossing, too!
  • Think outside the box. Students who play sports have a unique risk for tooth injuries. Mouth guards are required protective gear, but regulations typically do not call for more than the standard store-bought piece. Talk with your dentist about the value of a custom-fit mouth guard for your student athlete.
  • Pack the right equipment. Healthy snacks like apples clean teeth, but there’s more that can be provided to school-bound students. Kids who wear braces, even Invisalign, can benefit from carrying a travel toothbrush for mid-day brushing. Xylitol gum is also a treat for a student who can chew gum, and it also benefits the mouth by diluting sugar residue after meals. Finally, encourage kids to sip water in between classes and after snacks and meals.

There are several benefits to staying on top of oral care. Children who learn good habits during the school year are more likely to have uneventful dental visits, which improves their overall attitude toward dentistry as they grow up.

Did summer slip by without a visit to the dentist? We’re here to help you find a convenient after-school appointment time. Call our Pittsford office at 585-248-2383.

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