When Might I Require Tooth Extractions with My Dentist?

Family Dentist | DeStefano Dentistry | Brighton NY There are many situations in which patients may need to have their natural teeth extracted.

Tooth extractions may be performed at DeStefano Dentistry for any number of reasons, including:

  • Impacted teeth – the most common impaction occurs with the wisdom teeth or third molars. These teeth often do not have enough room to erupt through the gum line and therefore, become stuck and turned. They can hit against the molars in the back of the mouth and result in pain. Permanent surgical extraction is the only thing that can resolve the pain.
  • Broken teeth – sometimes, teeth suffer damage due to trauma and are far past the point of repair. Patients may have to have an adult tooth extracted if it is beyond repair with a dental crown.
  • Preparation for dental work – sometimes, if patients have overcrowding issues, they may have teeth removed from the smile to prepare for orthodontic work. Other times, Dr. DeStefano may extract a tooth to prepare a patient for full dentures.
  • Infected teeth – teeth that have had an infection or have undergone procedures such as root canal therapy that has failed may need to be pulled and replaced.

What type of extractions are available?

Dr. DeStefano provides both surgical and simple extractions in his practice. A surgical extraction is more common when the tooth is underneath the gum line or not fully erupted. This is a more intricate procedure and may require cutting into the gum tissue. However, simple extraction is done on teeth that are fully erupted through the gum line and easy for the dentist to access. It is far less invasive and patients who have this type of procedure done will enjoy faster healing time and recovery.

Do you feel you qualify for dental extractions?

Contact Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano today to book a consultation visit and learn about the advantages of having surgical or simple extractions performed at DeStefano Dentistry. The office is located at 600 Kreag Road in Pittsford, NY and is accepting new patients. Call the practice to schedule your appointment with our friendly front office staff at (585) 248-2383 today!

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