What are the benefits of a family dentist?

Having a family dentist is critical in helping the entire household maintain good oral health and healthy habits. Our team of professionals at DeStefano Dentistry are pleased to offer a wide selection of services patients of all ages to ensure treatment and monitoring of oral health at every stage of one’s life. Children have different dental needs than their adult counterparts, which makes it incredibly important for the family to have a dentist who offers comprehensive oral care solutions from infant to senior!

What services are offered at a family dentist?

Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano of DeStefano Dentistry is a dentist who prides himself in offering solutions for children and adults, and providing the following services:

  • Routine dental cleanings and examinations
  • Cavity detection and filling
  • Sealants and fluoride treatments
  • Periodontal therapies for gum disease
  • Cosmetic dental restorations for enhancing the smile
  • Restorative dentistry

What are the benefits of working with a family dentist?

  • Family dentists have extended experience in managing both children and adults, giving them added authority compared to traditional dentists providing services for adults.
  • Family dentists offer better convenience, allowing everyone in the family to build a lasting relationship with the entire dental team over the years.
  • Family dentists offer back-to-back appointments for everyone in the family, ensuring patients have access to solutions for their smile.
  • Family dentists focus on providing information to help children and adults prevent common conditions including tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  • Family dentists educate patients on how to care for their smile each day, and encourage families to make their routine cleanings and evaluations every six months.
  • Family dentists have a better ability in spotting generational dental concerns that may impact an entire family and provide proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Family dentists provide a dedicated facility for both children and adults, making sure every patient that walks into the office feels safe and comfortable.

Schedule your visit with Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano today!

Call (585) 248-2383 to request an appointment with our staff at DeStefano Dentistry to learn more about the advantages of working with a family dentist. Our team proudly services patients in the Pittsford, NY area at 600 Kreag Road, and is always accepting new patients and families.

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