Family Dentistry Makes a Positive Impact on your Life

Family Dentistry Pittsford, NYYou may have grown up hearing that you need to see the dentist. Throughout childhood and our teen years, few of us had an option of whether or not we wanted to see the dentist. If even one visit was unpleasant, this could have led to an aversion to scheduling dental care in adulthood. If the thought of seeing the dentist makes you cringe, we would like the opportunity to give you a whole new outlook on the future.

The primary objective of family dental care is to help our patients sidestep the problems that may cause them grief. A cavity may be a relatively small dental problem, but it can create a great deal of distress when pain can no longer be ignored – or tolerated. Instead of waiting for such an event to occur, we encourage you to call our office for the routine care that could save you from such an experience.

There are Benefits to General Dental Visits

The main benefit of routine dental care is obvious: it can help you avoid discomfort. There’s more to it than that. During each visit, we obtain details about your oral health, as well as your habits. We look at all of your teeth, front, back, and in between. Using x-ray images, we also look at the roots and other structures that lie beneath the gums. Finally, we measure gum health by visualization and the gentle measurement of space between the gums and teeth (periodontal pockets).

Through this comprehensive exam process, we can detect the presence of gum disease, and the severity of inflammation. Ideally, the warning signs are caught early, when we can help you manage the health of your mouth at home, with daily care, rather than having to perform the extensive restorative treatment.

Keeping your teeth and gums in optimal health rewards you in some ways. Healthy teeth are shining teeth, and this supports an attractive smile. A healthy mouth that is free of infection smells fresh – at least most of the time, and this supports interaction with others, as well as your confidence. The management of healthy teeth and gums is also integral to general health, with numerous studies pointing to gum disease as a mitigating factor in several medical conditions.

Dentistry is not intended as a repair type of service. We’d like to help you prevent dental conditions with friendly, gentle care. Schedule your checkup and cleaning in our Pittsford office by calling 585-248-2383.

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