How are x-rays used in dentistry?

Dentists such as Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano want to provide the best care possible to patients in the practice. While a visual examination can be used to spot some concerns, it does not give them the full picture of a patient’s overall oral health. Thanks to dental x-rays (or radiographs), dentists have the ability to diagnose certain dental concerns and treat problems early enough to avoid more extensive—and expensive—dental work in the future. X-rays may also be used to spot decay that might be not be visible to the naked eye. These pictures ensure that the dental team at DeStefano Dentistry is thorough at each appointment.

How are x-rays used in dentistry?

X-rays are commonly used for diagnostic purposes. If the dentist has a hunch that a problem exists underneath the gum line, he can order the dental hygienists to prepare radiographs of the patient’s smile to further evaluate their oral health. Patients who are complaining of a toothache with no noticeable problem on the outside may be able to find a solution when an x-ray is taken. A dental x-ray may show deep decay or an impacted tooth that might be causing the patient pain and discomfort.

Another way in which dental xx-rays are used is for planning purposes. Certain procedures, such as extractions, root canal therapy, or the placement of dental implants, need to be planned carefully prior to completing. X-rays give the dentist a visualization of the bone and teeth to determine how to proceed with certain dental treatments. New x-rays may be taken after the procedure to ensure success. in the case of dental implants, x-rays provide images of the bone of the jaw to ensure placement of these restorations will be successful.

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X-rays have a place in dentistry when it comes to the diagnosis of certain conditions and planning of oral surgery. If you are located in the Pittsford, NY area and want to discuss the importance of dental x-rays, connect with our team at DeStefano Dentistry by calling (585) 248-2383. We are located at 600 Kreag Road and accept new patients and families seeking comprehensive dental care.

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