How Dental Sealants Serve Your Child’s Smile

Dental Sealants | Pittsford NYChildren have a special ability: they smile. The average child smiles approximately 400 times a day. We could learn a thing or two from these little humans, seeing that the average adult smiles no more than 40 times a day. Aside from reminding us to look for the joy in everyday life, this statistic on smiling also alerts us to the value of a healthy smile for every child.  Here, we discuss the benefit of dental sealants for your child’s smile.

The Purpose of Dental Sealants

When a new showerhead or plumbing is installed, protective sealants are used to keep water from seeping out. One of the essential ways to care for the granite countertops that are popular today is to seal them so liquid debris does not permeate tiny cracks and fissures in the natural surface. Dental sealants are similar. The objective here is to protect enamel in some of the most vulnerable places. Molars usually have deep pits in the center of the chewing surface. Premolars have fissures, which may be smaller recesses. Small or not, fissures and pits are hard-to-reach places in which debris and bacteria accumulate. Where there are debris and bacteria, there is a serious risk for decay.

The purpose of dental sealants is to seal off pits and fissures to protect teeth from cavities. According to studies, sealants can reduce the risk of cavities in back teeth by up to 80 percent.

Quick and Simple Treatment

It is much simpler and much more comfortable for a child to get dental sealants than it is for her to get a cavity filled. Dental sealant treatment is painless and fast, involving:

  • Cleaning and polishing your child’s teeth.
  • Drying and isolating each tooth that will receive sealant.
  • Slight etching of enamel. This helps the sealant adhere to enamel.
  • The liquid sealant is applied to the chewing surface.
  • Light cures the liquid sealant, turning it into a rubbery solid that bonds to the tooth.
  • We evaluate the sealant to ensure it is secure and ready for use.

Who Gets Dental Sealants?

All children can begin to get dental sealants when permanent teeth erupt. Sealants can be applied during routine exam and cleaning visits and may be repeated every few years as necessary. Even adults can get dental sealants to maintain their personal barrier against tooth decay.

Schedule a Consultation

We appreciate you being a part of our practice family. To learn more about dental sealants or to schedule your visit, call our Pittsford, NY office at 585-248-2383.

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