Are You Skipping out on Your Cleanings?

Family Dentist Brighton NYAt DeStefano Dentistry, patients can expect to find services that meet all of their dental needs. We pride ourselves on providing a personal touch that creates a sense of comfort among our patients. Personal care is what supports long-term oral health. It’s what lets our patients know we stand as a team against dental problems. One specific way we can stand as a team with you is to commit to routine dental cleanings.

Most people are aware of the need for regular dental exams. Of course, your dentist can observe your teeth differently than you can just by looking in the mirror. What often gets missed, or misunderstood, is the role a dental cleaning plays in ongoing oral health. Here, we want to point out what happens during a professional dental cleaning and how these steps benefit your smile.

Benefits of Dental Cleanings

A routine dental cleaning is a professional service that involves three essential steps:

  1. First, we use a scaling tool to remove plaque and tartar. Most people, no matter how well they brush, will harbor a bit of plaque around the gum line of certain teeth. In more concerning cases, plaque has hardened to tartar. The contents of each substance are the same (saliva, debris from food, and bacteria), but tartar takes a little more effort to remove due to calcification. Plaque and tartar removal is done with careful technique to support comfort.
  2. After all the debris has been removed, teeth are cleaned with a special brush with a rotating or ultrasonic head. The vibration of the mechanical brushing instrument doesn’t just clean enamel; it polishes the surface so well that superficial staining is no longer there.
  3. Flossing is the last step to routine cleaning, just like it should be at home. Using a long string of floss, the hygienist can remove tiny particles of food and debris that have become stuck between teeth. While it isn’t possible to actually see bacteria on dental floss, microorganisms that can cause inflammation and infection do adhere to the string. Professional flossing may also complement home care by finding areas that aren’t getting the full benefit of daily flossing. Your hygienist may suggest strategies to improve this practice.

We enjoy helping families in the Pittsford area avoid uncomfortable dental problems. To schedule your exam and cleaning with us, call 585-248-2383.

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