Why might I need root canal therapy?

One of the most dreaded procedures in dentistry is the renowned “root canal.” However, root canal therapy, also referred to as endodontic therapy, is a procedure commonly performed at DeStefano Dentistry that is actually not painful as patients believe. When done with proper anesthetics and sedation, most patients are completely comfortable during their procedure. In fact, the treatment actually eliminates pain that may be caused by an injury to a tooth or the development of an infection inside of the tooth.

What is the purpose of root canal therapy?

When a tooth is impacted by disease, decay, or trauma, it can hit the nerves that are found inside of the tooth within the dental pulp. The dental pulp is a large mass of tissues that help in keeping the tooth “alive.” The nerves send pain signals, so if an infection or other traumatic event occurs to the dental pulp, it can result in a severe toothache that needs immediate attention.

The purpose of the root canal procedure is to save the natural tooth and eliminate the need for extraction. This, in turn, eliminates the need for tooth replacement solutions such as dentures, bridges, and dental implants. In order to save the tooth, the dental pulp must be removed. While this deadens the tooth, it allows the natural tooth to stay in place. In many cases, the tooth can become weak and brittle, so the team at DeStefano Dentistry will commonly cover the tooth structure with a dental crown for an extra layer of strength and protection.

Do I need root canal therapy?

If you have trauma that has occurred to the inner portion of the tooth, you may be in need of endodontic treatment. It is best to obtain an evaluation with Dr. Thomas DeStefano to get a proper diagnosis and discuss effective treatment options.

Are you in need of root canal therapy?

It is critical to take the time to speak to your dentist about your needs, especially if you have a concern regarding an infection inside of a natural tooth. Call DeStefano Dentistry at (585) 248-2383 to request a consultation visit at 600 Kreag Road in Pittsford, NY.

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