You Need to Know the Truth About Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics | Root Canal Therapy | DeStefano Dentistry | Brighton NYDid you know that root canal therapy is over 150 years old? This restorative treatment has been performed millions of times over more than a century of time. That means there have been some good procedures and some bad ones. It means that the field of dentistry has evolved, too, and that the techniques that are employed today are far more sophisticated and meticulous than those that existed in the mid-1800s.

Because root canal therapy is so old, and because techniques used decades ago may not have been ideal, more than a little anxiety exists around the mere idea of needing a root canal. In our Pittsford dental office, we prioritize patient comfort – and that includes peace of mind. Would we like to help you avoid a root canal? Yes. If you need this treatment, though, we want you to know the truth about what it is and what you can expect.

Let’s Talk About Pain

One of the biggest misconceptions about root canal therapy is that there is a degree of pain that comes with the treatment. We’ve seen this idea exploited in cartoons, movies, and other media. It’s sad because this perception creates a lot of unnecessary stress for patients. Here’s what we want you to know:

Your root canal procedure will not hurt.

A common reason that patients associate a root canal with pain is that many patients develop pain in a tooth before they obtain treatment. It is also possible that the sense of pain a person has is higher because they become anxious about root canal treatment and expect it to be painful, so they notice every little sensation with a slanted perception.

The root canal procedures that doctors perform today have the luxury of modern anesthetic and surgical technique. The instruments that we use to remove diseased tissue have multiple sizes to accommodate varying canals. Anesthetic, as well, has improved significantly over the years. You know what else has improved? Your dentists were understanding of the fear you may be feeling.

If you feel anxious about any treatment that you need, talk with us. We want you to feel comfortable and can discuss strategies that can help you keep your mind occupied as we work to improve your oral health.

Our team has the experience to meet your dental needs, and the compassion to meet your need for comfort. Call our Pittsford office at 585-248-2383 to schedule your visit.

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