Dental implants provide patients with a solution for missing teeth

Dental Implants | Pittsford, NYAt DeStefano Dentistry, patients in and around the Pittsford, NY community are able to restore their smile after tooth loss. Whether a tooth has been lost due to disease or extraction, we provide ways for patients to address tooth loss to repair the smile’s appearance, health, and functionality. Dental implants are a popular option among our patients for many reasons.

Understanding dental implants

Patients who are advised that dental implants may be the best solution for their smile are encouraged to work with our professionals to determine if they are candidates. Dental implants are titanium posts that are used as a foundation for a tooth replacement. The post is inserted during oral surgery into the bone of the jaw. The abutment of the dental implant then allows the dentist to place different restorations over the top to repair the smile. This includes dental crowns, dental bridges, and even full dentures. Dental implants are a versatile option for patients who are seeking a permanent way to replace one or more teeth.

Are dental implants safe?

Titanium metal is a biocompatible metal with the body. It is used in many different types of implants in the body in the field of medicine and continues to be the most commonly used material for such repairs. It is a wonderful way for patients to replace teeth in a permanent manner, as the implant can stimulate the process of osseointegration, or bone growth, to hold the implant in place. Maintaining bone after tooth loss is incredibly important as it can help maintain the surrounding teeth as well.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano will evaluate patients in his practice to determine if dental implants can be used in one’s smile. It is important that patients have sufficient bone in the jaw to stabilize the implant. If this is not available, patients can ask about preparatory services such as bone grafting to prepare the smile for implantation in the future.

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At DeStefano Dentistry, we are pleased to provide individuals with tooth replacement options, including the popular dental implant! Contact our professionals today by calling (585) 248-2383 to request an appointment at our practice located at 600 Kreag Road in Pittsford, NY.

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