Dental Implants are Worth Their Price Tag

Dental Implants are Worth Their Price Tag Pittsford, NYDental implant treatment has been routinely performed for more than 30 years now. Still, this treatment protocol is often misunderstood. Having a deep familiarity with the treatment process and having seen the degree of improvement many patients have experienced, we are naturally very supportive of this method of tooth replacement.

Dental Implants Benefits

Dental implants have maintained a success rate of over 98% through years of clinical use. These tiny posts that we insert into the jawbone give patients the ability to smile with confidence. Because dental implants secure the replacement tooth or teeth, there is no discomfort caused by rubbing.

The problem that holds many patients up from getting dental implants is that the cost of treatment. Treatment costs can be higher than other protocols. However, there are reasons why, and they offset any concerns that patients may have.

Your Investment Lasts a Lifetime

Dental implants are small posts that are situated in the jaw bone. These posts are made of surgical grade titanium, which is commonly used in hip replacement procedures and other orthopedic applications. This is because it outlasts other materials and does not cause an allergic reaction in the body. When the implant is placed in the jaw, bone tissue will naturally surround it and, as long as periodontal health is maintained, the implant will stay put. Most dental restorations have a lifespan of 5 to 15 years. Dental implants are known to last 50 years. That’s quite a return on your investment.

What Costs Covers

When we look at the up-front cost of dental implants versus dentures, it is easy to perceive one as being more expensive than the other. However, when we go back and observe the lifespan of dental implants, we have to rethink this idea about the cost of care. A recent study that analyzed dental implants and other forms of tooth replacement found that the cost of the average dental bridge is 10% more than implants due to the shorter lifespan.

Quality of Life

When looking at dental implant costs it is important to consider how the results can affect the quality of life. Any form of tooth replacement is better than having no teeth. However, reports indicate that many people who have been fitted with full dentures do not wear their prosthesis due to discomfort and inefficiency. That isn’t much of an improvement after all. Patients who receive dental implants, on the other hand, resume a full and confident life in which they are free to smile and eat what they’d like.

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