Tooth Pain? Don’t Wait to See Your Dentist!

Dentist in Pittsford, NYTooth pain is unmistakable, even though it may manifest in several forms. Sometimes, discomfort is so subtle that we wait a bit to schedule dental care. Even if you have a minor problem with sensitivity, a dental visit should be schedule if comfort doesn’t return completely within a couple of days.

Mild pain needs to be assessed within a week or two. But what if pain would be described in some other way? How can you know if you need to see your dentist right away, maybe even today? Here, we look at a few ways that tooth pain may occur, and what you can do if it does.

Acute Tooth Pain

If a toothache develops out of the blue, and the pain is severe enough to be distracting, pay close attention. Initially, you can rinse the mouth with warm salty water to see if that help. However, if this pain worsens or lasts more than a day, it could be an indication of infection deep within the tooth. Without prompt care, the tooth is in danger of irreparable damage and could ultimately need to be extracted.

Throbbing Tooth Pain

A throbbing toothache that does not go away could occur due to infection known as a tooth abscess. An abscess is a pocket of debris that may develop at the root area of a tooth or in the tooth itself. Either way, this is not a problem to wait out. The danger with an abscess is that the debris-filled pocket could rupture, sending toxic fluid into surrounding tissue. In addition to throbbing pain, a tooth abscess could also cause fever and facial swelling. Call your dentist for a same-day appointment if you experience this type of pain.

Sharp Sensitivity

A sharp pain that occurs when you eat or drink something hot or cold is referred to as sharp sensitivity. Pain may be fleeting, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem that needs to be treated. Sometimes, this type of pain is felt when cold air is breathed in through the mouth, too. What it may mean is that a cavity has developed. However, this may also be a symptom of a tooth abscess. The sooner the tooth can be examined, the better.

Call DeStefano Dentistry at 585.248.2383 in Pittsford for friendly, gentle treatment of tooth pain.

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