Three Top Causes of Tooth Decay and Dental Problems in Children

One of the cutest milestones for infants is the development of those first teeth. While the process of teething may be at the forefront of a parent’s mind, the care of their new teeth may not be. Children of all ages, including infants, need to have parents who understand the importance of building a proper foundation for proper oral health and wellness—even before their first birthday. Infants can experience tooth decay, just as children and adults can, though many instances of tooth decay can be avoided with proper care. The dentist at DeStefano Dentistry in Pittsford, NY can educate parents on the top three causes of tooth decay and common dental problems in children.

  • Thumb-sucking. While sucking the thumb is often a natural method of self-soothing that babies may participate in, it is not the best activity for their smile. This activity, if performed into the later years or outside of bedtime, can result in the development of several problems. Misalignment of the teeth will often occur, and children may develop overbites and other deformities. Some children may also have overly sensitive teeth or a lisp due to continued thumb-sucking.
  • Pacifiers. Just as thumb-sucking can cause misalignment of the teeth, so can the use of pacifiers. While great for calming children or helping them relax before naptime and bedtime, continued use of these accessories can cause deformities not only to the baby teeth, but the permanent teeth as well. By limiting pacifier use and stopping it entirely by one year of age, many of these issues can be avoided.
  • Bottle rot. When babies drink formula, milk, and juice from a bottle, the sugars from these beverages may contribute to the production of acid-causing bacteria in the mouth. This increases the risk of developing cavities on the baby teeth. Instead, parents should be proactive about removing these substances from the teeth. A wet washcloth should be rubbed along the babies gums and teeth after a bottle, and bottles of water should be the only liquid given to children at naptime and bedtime.

Educate yourself on how to care for your child’s smile!

Parents of young children are welcome to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation for their child at our state-of-the-art practices located the area of Pittsford, NY. Contact DeStefano Dentistry to book an appointment at our practice by calling (585) 248-2383.

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