Abnormal Tooth Wear is a Good Reason to See Your Dentist

Abnormal Tooth Wear is a Good Reason to See Your Dentist | Pittsford, NYTeeth have natural ridges that tend to flatten out over time. You should be able to visualize the curves of each tooth just by looking in the mirror. While the prominence of ridges decreases over time, a slight among of curvature should always be noticeable. What happens when tooth wear passes its natural boundary?

Signs of Abnormal Tooth Wear

If teeth display the characteristics we will describe here; you are receiving strong clues that you need to see your dentist.

Teeth seem to be Wearing Down Quickly

Normal, natural tooth wear happens consistently over several years. The rate of wear is dictated by the force you naturally place on your jaw when you chew, and on the foods you consume. Because most people dietary habits do not change dramatically from one year to the next, we expect to notice a pattern of wear that is similar across subsequent dental visits. Wear that accelerates alerts us to a problem. This could be that you have started to grind and clench your jaw or that the natural position of your jaw is causing stress in the joints.

A Tooth has Chipped or Cracked

Tooth damage such as chips and cracks usually only happen when a tooth has lost its durability. Excessive enamel wear diminishes the tooth’s structure by eroding the hard, protective layer of the tooth. Thin enamel is not as durable as enamel that is naturally thick. Therefore, a chip or crack can be a direct symptom of erosion.

Your Friends Have Better Teeth Than You

We say this loosely. What we mean specifically is that studies have described normal tooth wear as relational to others within an age group. For example, older adults may have more discoloration and enamel erosion across their generation than those in the Millennial age group. If, when you look at your friends’ smiles (barring any cosmetic dentistry they may have had done), you notice that your teeth look shorter or less textured or more discolored than theirs, it’s time to talk with your dentist about abnormal wear.

Is it Possible to Stop Excessive Tooth Wear?

There are ways to slow down the progression of tooth wear when we know what is causing teeth to break down more quickly than they should. At DeStefano Dentistry in Pittsford, NY, we provide a full spectrum of services that protect and preserve healthy smiles. Call 585-248-2383 to schedule your visit.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about tooth wear or to schedule a consultation at our office in Pittsford, NY, please call 585.248.2383

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