Dental bridges vs. implants

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2021
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At DeStefano Dentistry in Pittsford, NY, Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano and his team are committed to providing patients with solutions for their smiles. This is especially true when it comes to restoring the smile after tooth loss. Our professionals will often find that patients might be unsure which solution is best for their needs and may want some guidance in choosing a tooth replacement option that fits their personal and unique situation. Two commonly considered tooth replacement options at DeStefano Dentistry include dental bridges and dental implants. Which is best? 

Dental bridges vs. dental implants 

Below are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing between dental bridges and dental implants for replacing one or more teeth: 

  • Strength and durability. When comparing dental bridges and dental implants, dental implants are much stronger and more durable than dental bridges. Dental bridges are made of porcelain but can break or chip, especially in patients who have conditions such as bruxism which can result in clenching and grinding of the teeth. Dental implants are placed into the bone of the jaw and restored with porcelain restorations, but can withstand stronger chewing and biting forces.
  • Appearance. Patients considering tooth replacement options not only want to improve the function of their smile, but the appearance. Both dental implants and dental bridges are made in a way to look as natural as possible.
  • Cost. While dental bridges cost less upfront, they will need to be replaced regularly. This may happen several times in one’s lifetime. Dental implants, on the other hand, cost more upfront but are often kept in place forever. It is also important that patients consider their dental insurance plans and any reduction in costs that could help them make an educated decision on the restoration appropriate for their budget.

Are you considering dental bridges or dental implants? 

Make a decision with the assistance of a quality dental provider who can guide you to the most appropriate choice for your unique smile. Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano and his team in Pittsford, NY is committed to ensuring patients have access to solutions that improve the smile’s appearance and function. The office is located at 600 Kreag Road and is open to new and returning patients.  

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