Three things to do when a cavity develops

Many conditions can impact the health of the smile, and one of the most common concerns includes cavities. Cavities, or tooth decay, causes holes in the natural tooth enamel. These holes should be avoided whenever possible, as they can cause a variety of problems, including:

  • Painful chewing
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Toothaches

When the above situations are happening, it is important that patients book an appointment with their dentist for an evaluation to determine if cavities are present. This is often done with a physical examination and the use of x-rays at DeStefano Dentistry in Pittsford, NY. Once a cavity has been spotted, Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano will discuss with patients the treatment, which often includes dental fillings.

What should I do when I suspect cavities have formed?

Patients who want to be proactive about their oral health will often ask Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano about the steps needed to get the treatment required. There are three things patients should do:

Contact DeStefano Dentistry. Regardless of your next routine dental appointment, the formation of a cavity requires immediate diagnosis and care. Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano finds that the earlier a cavity is formed, the less likely it is to be expensive and cause more extensive damage to the natural tooth.

Seek treatment. After the official diagnosis of a cavity, or cavities, patients need to undergo treatment. In most cases, patients will have dental fillings placed. These fillings are a composite resin material that matches the natural tooth structure and is biocompatible with the body. Fillings can keep the decay from getting deeper, which then requires procedures such as root canals to treat permanently.

Properly care for the smile. Maintaining good oral health habits after the filling of a cavity is essential in reducing the risk of developing other spots of decay. This includes brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist routinely.

Do you believe you have cavities that need treatment?

Seek the assistance of the team at DeStefano Dentistry of Pittsford, NY by calling (585) 248-2383 for an appointment. Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano is available to assist new and current patients in the area with their oral health needs at his practice, conveniently located at 600 Kreag Road.

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