Three common uses of dental bonding in cosmetic dentistry

Patients in the Pittsford, NY area who are looking to achieve a more attractive smile will find that the cosmetic dentists at local practices have a wide range of options for patients to choose from. No longer is aesthetic dentistry a benefit only celebrities can enjoy! Now cosmetic dentistry has become much more attainable for everyday people, just like YOU! At DeStefano Dentistry, we can help patients address a variety of imperfections in the smile with solutions such as composite resin bonding, or “dental bonding.” This is a tried-and-true way of restoring the beauty of the smile in a fast and affordable manner. 

What is dental bonding? 

Dental bonding is a treatment that uses a composite resin material to disguise certain imperfections within the smile. The material is molded onto prepared teeth, cured and hardened using a special light, and polished to look just like natural tooth enamel. 

What are the uses of dental bonding in cosmetic dentistry? 

Here are just a few ways in which Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano may utilize dental bonding for patients: 

  • Whiten discolored teeth. Certain stains and discoloration on natural tooth enamel can be improved with professional-grade whitening options, while deeper, darker stains might still remain. In situations such as this, dental bonding can be placed over the tooth to disguise this discoloration.
  • Fix misshapen teeth. Teeth that are oddly shaped or short can be repaired using dental bonding, giving the illusion of longer or straighter teeth.
  • Minimize gaps between teeth. Spaces that develop between teeth, especially near the front of the mouth, can be easily covered using dental bonding, which bridges the gap without the need for orthodontic work. This is a highly desirable option for many of our patients seeking a solution to an unwanted and noticeable gap between the front teeth.

Visit a general dentist that also offers cosmetic dental procedures 

Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano is pleased to provide patients with solutions to achieve beautiful, healthy smiles, including treatment options such as composite resin bonding. To learn more, contact the main office at (585) 248-2383 to request a consultation visit with our team and find out if you are a good candidate for aesthetic treatment options. The office is located at 600 Kreag Road and accepts new patients and families.

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