Think Same-Day Crowns are all about Convenience? Think Again!

CEREC® Crowns | Dental Crowns Pittsford NYLife has continually sped-up over the last several decades. The term “multi-tasking” is now somewhat of a badge of honor. The more we can accomplish in a given day, the better, right? Not so much. When life becomes exceedingly busy, there is usually a consequence. From our perspective, that consequence could be oral health.

We understand that making time for dental care can be a challenge. We intend to create ease wherever we can. This includes offering dental treatments that expedite the process of restoring damaged teeth. CEREC is a prime example.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is widely known as a same-day crown process. The steps to the creation of a lifelike crown follow suit with the protocol that has been used for many years. The primary difference with the CEREC process is that it cuts out the “middle-man” who is, in this case, the dental lab. There is no sending-out of a dental mold to an off-site facility. CEREC crowns are completed within a couple of hours. Actually, without the need for the dental lab, a lot can change about the dental experience from the patient’s standpoint.

One of the advantages of CEREC crown treatment is that there are no impressions. To obtain details of the tooth needing restoration, we rely on CAD/CAM software and a small camera. How much more pleasant is that than a mouthful of goo! When a 3D image of the tooth is obtained, it can process within the CEREC machine, which takes the image and fashions a crown on the spot from a block of high-quality dental porcelain.

There’s More to it than Convenience

So we know CEREC is a time-saving treatment that eliminates the need for a follow-up appointment for crown replacement (taking off a temporary and seating the final restoration), but there’s more. The way in which CEREC crowns are made facilitates the most accurate fit, and fit matters in the matter of longevity. Between fit and the efficient bonding technique used, CEREC crowns have been noted to last well over the average 10- to 15-year life span.

Do you need restorative dentistry? We’re happy to meet you! Call our Pittsford dental office at 585-248-2383.

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