The Advantages of Dental Crowns with CEREC Technology

CEREC® Crowns | DeStefano Dentistry | Pittsford NYAt DeStefano Dentistry, patients in and around the community of Pittsford, NY are interested in learning about the many ways in which they can address cosmetic and restorative dentistry concerns. With the help of a dedicated staff of professionals, patients can ask about restoring the smile with restorations such as dental crowns. In the past, dental crowns could take a few weeks to complete from start to finish. Now, patients can get their restorations during the same day!

Same day dental crowns

With the use of technology such as CEREC and CAD/CAM software, patients now have the opportunity to achieve a beautiful, fully-functioning smile with the use of same-day dental crowns. Dental crowns are porcelain caps that we can fabricate in office to match the existing teeth. Once fabricated, Dr. DeStefano bonds the crowns over the top of a natural tooth. This not only changes its appearance but provides an extra layer of protection and strength. Dental crowns are versatile and commonly used in a number of situations. With CEREC, Dr. DeStefano can take digital impressions of the tooth and send it to the CEREC machine. Then, the machine will mill out a restoration right from a block of porcelain in the dental office. This eliminates the traditional way of completing dental crowns, which included messy molds and a long wait while a ceramist states away created the new restoration for the patient. With CEREC technology, new restorations can be made while patients wait.

Are these restorations just as strong and natural looking as ceramist-created restoration?

Absolutely! Many patients love not only having a restoration complete in a shorter period of time but being able to achieve the same results. CEREC technology is complete right in the office by the dentist they know and trust!

Find out more about the advantages of CEREC dental crowns!

Call DeStefano Dentistry today to book an appointment with Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano and his team. Out staff will educate you on the benefits of using CEREC dental crowns to enhance and repair your smile. Call (585) 248-2383 today to schedule a consultation visit and discuss this and other solutions. The office is conveniently located in Pittsford, NY at 600 Kreag Road.

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