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How teeth clenching and grinding can impact your smile

Pittsford, NY area patients who are concerned about getting a good night’s sleep often think about ways to help them fall asleep or purchasing the right mattress. However, there are other issues that can occur during sleep that can impact your oral health: bruxism. Understanding bruxism Dr. Thomas J. DeStefano of DeStefano Dentistry educates patients […]

When chronic jaw pain is a sign of TMJ/TMD

Patients of Pittsford, NY who are dealing with chronic pain and discomfort of the jaw may be dealing with a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. The temporomandibular joint, referred to as the TMJ for short, is the joint that hinges the jaw. It allows the jaw to open and close, and contributes […]

Lowering Stress to Stop Teeth Clenching and Grinding

At DeStefano Dentistry, our professionals are well aware of the conditions that can negatively impact the health of the smile. This includes bruxism, a condition that causes clenching and grinding of the teeth, either during the day or while patients sleep. For some patients, this condition can develop due to other dental concerns such as […]

Neuromuscular Dentistry Pittsford, NY

Strategies for TMJ and Bruxism Relief

Teeth grinding and clenching is not something we spend much time thinking about. Even when people demonstrate symptoms that they are gnashing the gnawing each night, they often feel surprised when their dentist proposes the idea that they may be “working out” stress while they sleep. Statistics regarding bruxism, the term we use to describe […]

TMJ Treatment Pittsford, NY

Face and Head Pain Needs to be Addressed

Chronic headaches, facial pain, jaw stiffness; these are all problems that may stem from a problem with the moving parts of the mouth. When symptoms like these become persistent, it is nearly impossible to not get more than a little frustrated. To successfully reduce or eliminate painful symptoms, it is first necessary to recognize where […]

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