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What to expect from the dental implants process

Pittsford, NY area patients who are deciding on a treatment for tooth loss or extraction will find that dentists in the community have a wide range of options to choose from, including partial dentures, full dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. However, the growth and interest in dental implants continues to overshadow other tooth replacement […]

Are dental implants good for your oral health?

When thinking of the placement of dental implants after tooth loss, many patients consider the benefits that they provide to the function and appearance of the smile. But did you know that dental implants are also good for your oral health as well? This is a major benefit that many patients don’t think about. Below […]

Dental Implants are Worth Their Price Tag Pittsford, NY

Dental Implants are Worth Their Price Tag

Dental implant treatment has been routinely performed for more than 30 years now. Still, this treatment protocol is often misunderstood. Having a deep familiarity with the treatment process and having seen the degree of improvement many patients have experienced, we are naturally very supportive of this method of tooth replacement. Dental Implants Benefits Dental implants have […]

Dental Implants Brighton NY

What It Really Means to Replace Teeth

Tooth loss has historically been a problem that humans have had to endure. Evidence suggests that early civilizations attempted to replace missing teeth with shells and other seemingly durable objects. In more recent history, we’ve come to rely on dentures made of various materials that mimic the natural appearance of teeth, as well as their […]

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